My engineering background and experience of human factors has shown me that you cannot fully understand risks unless you understand the technical and softer factors. I maintain my interest in managing risks in major hazard industries through my membership of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF). I talk at and attend conferences and courses and carry out my own research, which I document on my blog and Twitter

I am a member of the editorial panel for the Loss Prevention Bulletin and regularly write articles for the publication.  I was a key contributor to the author guidelines and am involved in ongoing discussions about how to increase the reach and impact of the publication.

I regularly review papers for the Ergonomics and Human Factors conference organised annually by the CIEHF.

Home life

I live in Llandudno, North Wales.

I am married to Kathy. We have two boys, Matthew and Patrick.

Sports and activities

I've never been a great sports man, but always participated in activities, keeping myself fit and healthy. Living in North Wales does mean I have lots of great opportunities on my door step.

Windsurfing is the sport I enjoy the most.  But I never do as much as I would like because it is so dependent on weather, tides and having at least half a day free!

I have recently started doing triathlons and try to participate with the Gog Trithalon Club.  I have a mountain bike, but it doesn't get a lot of use.

I enjoy taking out our sit-on kayak. It doesn't exactly give you an adrenaline rush, but it is a great way to explore the coast line, lakes and rivers. Also, I usually get out surfing a couple of times per year, but I am very much a beginner surfer (swimmer may be a better description).


You can probably tell that I developed this website myself. I know the presentation is pretty basic but I hope the content makes up for it. I used Joomla for this site, an open source content management system that seems to provide a good balance of power, flexibility and ease of use.

A site I developed a while ago and try to keep up to date is SimpleSensibleSafety. It provides a simple reference for anyone interested in the basics of health and safety, giving links to free resources. Also, it gives some examples of the opposite, in the form of seriously silly safety stories.

I have developed a website for wife's art classes - I used Wordpress for this one. It works in a similar way to Joomla, is a bit simpler in some ways, but can produce some great looking webpages.

I have developed another Wordpress webpage to promote a sponsored open water swim on Llyn Tegid (Lake Bala) on behalf of the charity Diabetes UK and another promoting our local community of Craig y Don. I helped my friends at SC Soccer Coaching by setting up a webpage for their business, which they now maintain themselves.  Also, I have developed the Gog Triathlon Club website,


Andy's first taste of work was, like most people, bar and other casual work whilst a student. His introduction to industry was through a year long placement working at an oil refinery.  After completing his Chemical Engineering degree, he worked as a University Research Associate whilst studying for his PhD.

On completion of his PhD, Andy worked for two consultancy companies.  He then chose to go self-employed, first as a Sole Trader, creating AB Risks Limited in 2008