• Review of the company's contractor competence management system

    2014 - Gas

    Andy led a review of the way the company identified the need for contractors, defined their scope of work, selected them and managed the work they do.  This highlighted the issues related to ensuring the competence of people who are not direct employees.  The review identified a number of areas where improved control could and should be implemented; and how this could reduce the risk of major accidents.

  • Safety management system review

    2004 - Gas power station

    The client was in the process of commissioning a 750 MW combined heat and power (CHP) power station that was to supply electricity to the national grid and steam to nearby industrial facilities. Andy reviewed the newly developed safety management system to advise on whether it was fit for the needs of the operating plant and compliant with the Health and Safety Executive's guidance (HSG 65) and the Occupational Health and Safety Specification (OHSAS 18001). Andy's review confirmed the system was largely compliant, but that it was in danger of being unnecessarily bureaucratic. He made a number of recommendations to simplify the system by ensuring the true nature of hazards and risks were reflected by the system and its associated procedures.

  • Supporting the analysis of an incident that involved errors by a control room operator

    2011 - Gas

    The client had experienced an incident. Although the consequences had been relatively minor it was recognised that a number of failures had occurred, including errors by the control room operator, that could indicate deep set human factors problems. Because of his knowledge of the site, Andy was asked to assist in the analysis of the incident. He was able to point towards systemic weaknesses that had contributed to the errors. Also, he was able to show that warning signs had been visible for some time prior to the incident, but people had not appreciated their significance. The client is using the findings from the incident, including Andy's report, to develop plans to improve the management of human factors across the business.

  • Supporting updates to a COMAH report

    2011 - Gas

    Major modifications were taking place on site to accommodate a new process.  This included reuse of some redundant plant and installation of new.  As a result, the site's COMAH report needed to be updated.  Andy assisted by providing text for the report to cover human factors.  Also, he worked with the client and their design contractors to ensure human factors were being adequately considered in the project.  He produced a human factors integration plan covering the modifications that was incorporated into the project plan and was submitted as an attachment to the COMAH report to demonstrate the approach being taken.

  • Task analysis of well operations

    2010 - Gas storage

    As part of a critical task analysis exercise, two operations were subject to task and error analysis.  They were the replacement of Sub-Surface Safety Valves (SSSV) and changing a wing valve.  Both are quite different from the normal operating and maintenance tasks performed on process plants.  The analyses highlighted the importance of good planning, engaging competent contractors and ensuring appropriate procedures are in place.  Equally the analyses demonstrating that tasks that on the face of it are particularly hazardous can be performed in a safe and effective manner.

  • Working with shift teams to develop a training course for improving the quality of shift handover

    2014 - Gas

    Due to an influx of new personnel to the operating team, concerns had been raised that not everyone understood the importance of shift handover to managing process safety risks.  Andy worked with representatives of the shift teams to develop a half day training course to highlight the problems that can occur if shift handover is not carried out correctly and to provide guidance for improvement.  As a result the company developed a plan to roll out the training to all shift teams.