I hope you find these resources interesting and useful.  I have developed them over the years I have worked as a consultant and they cover some of the key issues I have encountered.

A collection of papers I have written over recent years covering topics including human factors, staffing assessments, task risk management, control rooms, shift handover, procedures, training and competence.

Links to some short video animations I have created showing how to perform task analysis, human error analysis and develop causal trees when analysing incidents.


Links to presentations I have given in recent years covering topics including staffing assessments, control rooms, shift handover and accident avoidance.  Also, an introduction to ergonomics for senior school pupils and a two day human factors course presented to companies working in major hazard industries.


There are a lot of practical techniques available that are difficult to write about but really quite easy to do in practice. Now that video tools are available through services like YouTube it is now possible to provide information about these techniques in a way that is easier to understand.

My plan is to develop a collection of short video animations. I hope they will help you if you have never had a go at using the techniques, or will be a useful refresher for something you may not have done for a while.

These are all techniques that I use frequently, and I believe they are highly practical and effective. In making the videos I have aimed to give you the benefit of my experience.

Note: The only problem you may have is that the videos are hosted on YouTube. A lot of companies block access to this website. You may need to try them at home.