2008 (also 2006 and 2005)

Presentation and workshop at course 'Control Rooms: Operation and design '

IBC, London

In order to manage risks it is necessary to understand them.  This requires the hazards to be known so that the potential consequences and their likelihood can eb evaluated: allowing the necessary controls to be implemented.

This paper explores the risks associate with control room operations and how they need to be managed.  It considers the role of the operator, taking into account the reality of what actually happens in the control room.  It identified how these activities can cause harm, both to the health and safety of the operator; and due to the failure to control major hazards and process risks.  It describes a number of techniques that can provide some structure and assistance in carrying out these assessments.  Also, it suggests a number of areas where specific attention is required to control the risks of control room operations.

The associated workshop provides course attendees the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of applying the Health and Safety  Executive's 'Staffing assessment methodology' (CRR348/2001 ).  Participants are asked to consider the impact of changing staffing arrangements and how the risks can be managed.