2004 - Chemical manufacture

This project took place at an established manufacturing site that was adding an additional process unit to improve quantities of high value products being produced. Andy was asked to assess the additional workload this would create and to determine whether it was acceptable. Using the HSE staffing assessment methodology (CRR348/2001) and working with operating and project personnel, he facilitated a three day workshop in which potential hazardous scenarios were evaluated. Andy produced an assessment report that demonstrated that the high degree of automation being implemented in the new project meant that the additional workload for field and control room operators would be tolerable. However, it also highlighted that some existing arrangements were less satisfactory, and recommendations were made about how incidents were responded to. In particular, arrangements were required so that control room operators would receive useful assistance from others during an incident. Also, it was discovered that in some circumstances a recovery to normal operation may not be possible, and it would be better to make decisions early to shutdown the plant.