2006 - Pharmaceutical Manufacture

The site was piloting a change from a traditional 'functional organisation' to a 'process oriented organisation' incorporating self-managed teams. The objective of the change was to achieve a step change improvement in production performance, but being a COMAH top tier establishment the client had recognised that it could have safety implications. Andy was asked to carry out an organisational risk assessment to highlight potential pitfalls and recommend risk control measures. Working to a tight timescale, Andy was able to use his knowledge regarding team work and supervision to focus on key areas of concern. Interviewing members of the operating teams and facilitating a workshop with members of the change management team he developed a full list of potential threats, which he presented as an objective review of the plans. A number of risks were identified and Andy proposed practical solutions for each. He was able to demonstrate that plans for implementation had to go well beyond the notional 'go live' date, because the new organisation would take some considerable time to develop.