2010 - Steel

The plant studied in this project uses low pressure gas.  The high proportion of impurities in the gas meant that pipework required regular dismantling and cleaning.  However, because the gas was of such low pressure it was difficult to prove isolation and as a result the plant had experienced a number of gas releases and fires over the years.  Andy was asked to carry out a task and error analysis of the task in order to identify if there were any further actions that could be carried in preparing the plant for maintenance that would reduce the risk.  Working with the contractors who performed the task, along with the client's maintenance team Andy was able to identify three potential options that would reduce the risk of gas release.  All were considered practical and plans were immediately put in place to run trials of the new methods.  This was a particularly project because the client's technical experts had reviewed the situation a number of times in the past and had been unable to come up with any suggestions for improvement.