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2003 - Waste

This project was funded by WRAP. The client had developed a process for manufacturing a water treatment media from recycled glass. However, for it to be used for drinking water supplies, the regulator required stringent tests. Andy assisted a colleague, who was addressing wider ranging issues with the project, by developing a method of assessing the potential risks of using the new treatment media. Working with the client, this was used to demonstrate that, whilst risks did exist, they were comparable or less than those associated with more traditional media (e.g. sand). Given that the new media had been shown to have very good performance in treating water, the risk assessment was an important element in making the case to the regulator.

The client was planning to change from a 8-hour to 12-hour shift pattern. The main driver for this was that they were having problems arranging cover for holidays, sickness etc. This had resulted in frequent working of double shifts (i.e. 16 hours). Andy made extensive use of fatigue research documented in HSE Contract Research Report 254/1999, and the working time directive and UK regulations. Communication was key element in this project and research about shift handover described in HSE offshore report OTO 96003 was used.