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2003 - Chemical

The site has three operating departments. Significant organisational changes had occurred over recent years, although none were planned in the short term. The client was interested to find out what they could learn from applying the HSE staffing assessment methodology (CRR 348/2001). An initial assessment was carried out at one of the process plants. It was decided that the greatest value would be achieved by involving as many operators as possible. Therefore, assessment workshops were held with each of the shift teams. Andy co-ordinated a team of consultants to carry out the assessments and compile the report. The client found the findings were a real insight. The key issues identified in these studies related to operator communications, training and development and management of change. Some of these were site-wide, whilst others were more local. The company felt the assessment method and use of objective third parties provided information about the site that they would not have discovered in other ways.

The client was planning to change from a 8-hour to 12-hour shift pattern. The main driver for this was that they were having problems arranging cover for holidays, sickness etc. This had resulted in frequent working of double shifts (i.e. 16 hours). Andy made extensive use of fatigue research documented in HSE Contract Research Report 254/1999, and the working time directive and UK regulations. Communication was key element in this project and research about shift handover described in HSE offshore report OTO 96003 was used.