• A risk based approach to reducing staff costs

    2009 - Chemical manufacture

    One of Andy's clients was suffering from the global economic downturn and needed to cut costs. A number of opportunities to reduce staffing costs had been identified but the company had not been able to agree which to implement. Working with both management and the workforce Andy developed a risk assessment that identified where reductions could be made without compromising safety. He also made a number of recommendations about how to implement the changes and for further, long term benefits. The clients acknowledged that Andy's involvement had been instrumental in achieving the necessary changes as he was able to take an objective view that was appreciated by all sides of the debate; and his recommendations were seen to be practical and logical. The planned changes were implemented without any problems and proved to provide the impetus for improved teamworking and general competence amongst staff.

  • Availability, reliability and maintainability (ARM) of a gas storage facility

    2006 - Gas Storage

    The client was completing the definition phase for a project to develop a gas storage facility using salt caverns. An ARM study was required to demonstrate the proposed plant arrangements would be suitable for the planned operating and commercial activity. Andy led the project with other consultants carrying out the modelling and analysis. He was required to communicate closely with the client to ensure the data used was appropriate and the results were appropriate to their needs. Andy was able to use his knowledge of the gas industry to interpret the modelling results and developing practical recommendations for achieving a reliable plant. He was also able to comment on human and managerial factors that would ultimately affect reliability once the plant was operational.

  • Development of a safety management system

    2006 - Retail, food

    This was a small but rapidly expanding company. They recognised that they needed a safety management system, but wanted to ensure it was fit for purpose.

    Andy carried out a number of risk assessments of their activities and collated key findings into a simple, user friendly system. The result was a management manual and separate staff handbook. The client was very impressed with how concise and 'to the point' the documents were.

  • Thorough review of an offshore safety case

    2014 - Offshore Oil

    Andy was tasked with completing a human factors assessment as part of the company’s five yearly Safety Case Thorough Review.   He did this by comparing the content of the Safety Case and underlying systems and procedures with latest standards and guidelines.  Key topics included procedures, training and competence, supervision and management, and control room design.  He made two sets of recommendations.  The first was how the company could improve the way it manages human factors and the second how the Safety Case should be updated to improve coverage of human factors.  In this case it was found that there were some discrete gaps, some of which were already being addressed by the company.  Andy was able to confirm that the company's existing plans would have a positive impact, with some suggestions for improving effectiveness.