The presentation I gave at the CIEHF Task Analysis masterclass can be downloaded here, along with my notes/scripts

Task Analysis Masterclass


Task Analysis resources by Andy

1. Task risk management paper.

2. Task & error analysis template .

3. Task analysis job aid


Useful links from HSE

OTO 092/1999 Task analysis

Performance Influencing Factors -

Human factors roadmap

Inspectors' toolkit


Link to Energy Institute




EEMUA 201 3rd Edition 2019

I am very pleased to announce that a new, third edition of EEMUA 201 has just been published. I have been heavily involved in this a primary author with substantial input from a wide range of people, including Control Room Operators. 
We have produced a guide that will help anyone involved in designing a new control room or evaluating and/or modifying an existing one to focus on and actively involve the end users. It is particularly aimed at engineers (e.g. EPC) who may have relatively limited competence in human factors but have work to a tight budget and program.
The guidance covers the control building, physical aspects of the control room, working environment, console design, and control system graphics. Also, emerging issues are covered such as devices used outside of the control room and security.
Members of EEMUA will be able to download it directly. Everyone else can buy a hard copy or electronic version from
I completed this work whilst working as an Associate Consultant for Wilde Analysis. We are currently preparing a training course based on the updated guide. Further information is available here. This will complement the course I currently present with Wilde on EEMUA 191 Alarm Management.
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